The Vase that showed me what love is.

One of my favorite things about Tim is that no worry if mine is too small for him to care about. One of my favorite moments was when a vase from my dad broke. normal people would throw it right in the trash, Tim saw the look on my face and promptly took it and glued it together. Tonight that’s what i miss about him most. The total understanding of my quirks

Instead of just telling me to let it go, or saying it was broken and worthless and to pitch it, or say i needed to grow up, like other people in my life would have. ( funny that trashing it is something which i could totally do now, in this moment) he let my heart feel what it wanted to right then. And fixed what he could. Funny how by doing that he made me realize the sadness had nothing to do with the vase and everything to do with the thought of losing my father someday.

He lets me be me. I hope you all find that in a person you fall in love with someday- because THAT is true love. Seeing another person for exactly who they are and then doing all you can to be the wind that lifts them up or that fills their sails and pushes them ahead. Love is beautiful. Beautiful is finding love before you die.

Thank you Tim. I hope i can be the one to glue together all your vases for you too for a very long time.
XOXO Come home soon, and come home safe.


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